Pitch to the Puffins

A celebration of Canada’s small businesses, innovation, and community!


Hear from Canadian business and social leaders who supports small business innovation and growth

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Have a voice in the future of entrepreneurial innovation in Atlantic Canada!

Have you been looking for ways to get involved with the businesses you believe have great growth potential? Would you like to spend an evening connecting with local business owners and learn about their growth ideas in a fun and innovative way?

Pitch to the Puffins is for you!

Pitch to the Puffins is organized by ImpackHub, Canada's first investment marketplace that connects everyday backers to financial opportunities from small growing businesses. It  is the first live community-based funding campaign in Canada, and it's happening right here in St. John's.

Powered by ImpackHub's crowdfunding platform, Pitch to the Puffins is a new way for you and me to power up the growth of our local businesses. Individually, we might not have enough capital to support a business's growth initiative. As a cohesive community, however, we can pull together small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance (back) a growing business venture.

What is Happening?

The last Pitch to the Puffins took place on May 16 in St. John’s, NL. Some of the most talented Innovators in the charming city of St. John’s took the stage to Pitch to the Puffins to share their businesses' growth projects and fight for the crowd’s financial support.

We are currently designing the next series of Pitch to the Puffins, so keep your eyes out for dates and updated programming.

Who are Innovators?

The business owners and entrepreneurs who have worked with ImpackHub to raise capital. They are called Innovators because, not only are they great at what they do, they are creative and always presenting solutions in new and innovative ways.

Who are Puffins? 

If you are interested in becoming a community backer, YOU are a Puffin!  As the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador, puffins are individually small yet collectively powerful. We, therefore, thought Puffins a fitting name for a community of business backers.

Am I Investing or am I Donating?

Neither! We are putting our money forward a little different this time - we ask the businesses to pay the good deed forward. All entrepreneurs will be pitching for your financial contribution in exchange for two things:

  • An exclusive, non-financial reward for you (think: free concert tickets, product launch parties, a beer named after you, weekend stays in a bed and breakfast in a seaside community.)

  • A commitment to forward a percentage of the revenue generated from their growth projects to a social enterprise or community group of the business's choice.

We believe that this combined two-way payment lets you enjoy what money can’t buy, let the Innovators grow their business affordably, and let everyone tangibly see how money can be a force for good.

Innovators, SUIT UP!

Members of commerce groups, social enterprise communities, and private and public funders will be at Pitch to the Puffins as well. Even if you do not intend to pitch, be sure to put your best foot forward and be ready to make connections.

Puffins, put on your party shoes

Come for a good time. Simple as that. Make sure you get your ticket as seating is limited.


How to be involved



Email us at info@impackhub.com to ask questions, learn about our selection criteria, and explore deal structures including the forward percentage rate.



We are looking for panelists and event partners! Reach out at partners@impackhub.com.

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Sounds like fun times ahead? Just click the button below to secure your ticket and we’ll take care of the rest.


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