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Your business is lean, quick and smart
Raising capital is rarely that

ImpackHub can help you….



Thinking about funding a small round earlier on in your growth cycle? Not wanting to give up equity just yet? Thanks to the open, market-driven nature of ImpackHub’s model, you can secure favorable and more flexible funding terms in comparison to offerings from by traditional funding sources.



Too often successful businesses die because they run out of cash while engaging in extremely costly and lengthy fundraising processes with traditional investors. By raising money from a marketplace, you obtain almost real-time validation on your proposal and can raise multiple rounds cost effectively.



Real everyday persons who invest in your business are your best advocates. By fundraising from a large pool of investors who appreciate what your business stands for, you valid your market and engage early on with potential customers and supporters of the business.

We look for companies with…

A mandate to promote social innovation or a commitment to financially support a social enterprise

A mandate to promote social innovation or a commitment to financially support a social enterprise

A demonstrated connection to the community

A demonstrated connection to the community

A minimum of 2 years of operating track records

A minimum of 2 years of operating track records

A coachable Innovator

A coachable Innovator

A great management team to support the Innovator

A great management team to support the Innovator

An ambitious but attainable plan for the capital pitched

An ambitious but attainable plan for the capital pitched


Check our the FAQ to earn more of our criteria and processes


Raise capital in five easy steps!


Open your account on the portal nl.impackhub.com and submit your draft campaign for review. The campaign you submit at this stage will be available to be revised once your request has been approved (step 3).


Receive a secure and confidential link to your campaign file management folder in one business day. An ImpackHub account manager will reach out to you at the email address provided.


Follow the documentation guidelines outlined in your folder. Ask any questions you like to your account manager. A decision on approving your campaign will be finalized to you in three business days.


Fine tune your campaign messaging, polish it up with photos, videos, add in your company’s social media link, or whatever you think can help you raise funds! A listing fee is due when your campaign has been finalized and posted.


Promote your cause and project throughout your campaign period. Engage with your backers to ask for referrals. All funds you raise will be held with ImpackHub’s payment partner until the campaign becomes fully funded. If you are successful in becoming fully funded, the funds net of fees will be transferred to you in 7 business days after the campaign closes.


Still wondering if ImpackHub offers what you and your enterprise needs?

Meet John and Nancy


John is the co-founder of tech startup in St. John’s, NL. He first validated his idea through an incubator and now, three years in, he has a handful of long term contracts on hand. He is looking to take the company to the level of growth and exploring funding options. He had previously obtained some public funding to develop his technology, but he needs more.

John says he is not interested in forking over a large chunk of equity to venture capitalists. Banks, on the other hand, had made it challenging for young companies like his to obtain debt financing.

"We're in a weird spot. We have a decent amount of revenue coming in, but we are still not the right profile for any of the traditional investors to take interest," says John, who expects his sales to continue growing two to three times annually.


Mary is the owner of a 6-year old wool clothing manufacturer in Bonavista, NL. She loves that fact that Newfoundland has affordable wool at premium quality, and she has a mission to share the quality clothing with the rest of the world through export.

She needs about $500,000 of expansion capital to source the latest machinery and secure a larger factory.

Because of her sector, she does not have as many public funding opportunities as John did when he first started. She is also a bit older and excluded by public support for youth enterprises. Given her track record, however, she is able to secure loans from banks, but she wants a financing option that can further strengthen her connection with her communities and her customers as well as provide her some payment flexibility.

If you sound like a John or Nancy, we can help you.
Contact us at info@impackhub.com for information on deal structuring, fees, and the way we work with companies.

*John and Nancy are designed to illustrate the type of Innovators ImpackHub works with.


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