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Crowdfunding for consumer innovations

A market opportunity and an answer to the need for growth

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A supply issue with money

Traditional funders consolidated their money into finding the next “unicorn”, leaving 98% of early stage innovations underfunded.

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A demand for growth

Consumer product companies, given their size and proximity to the market, are uniquely positioned to satisfy our growing appetites on a more locally sourced, socially conscious, community-focused lifestyle.

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An opportunity to be unleashed

Step in and fill the gap! ImpackHub syndicates investments so our members can participate in high potential growth of early stage innovations without needing to become accredited investors.


By investing in small business,

you gain a voice in…


Our jobs

70% of Canadian jobs


Body and mind

90.2% of healthcare
89.5% of educational
89% of daily services


Quality of life

Because everything’s made better with food trucks, craft beers, and yoga.


*Percentages of jobs supported by small businesses
or service providers as per 2017 Stats Can


Tell us why you’re here so we can help


Industry leaders have recognized that conscious capitalism is the way forward.

Companies that practice “Conscious Capitalism” perform 10x better.
— Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review
... it has become increasingly clear that investors do not have a binary choice between investment and philanthropy.
— Michele Giddens, Forbes


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